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Vermont Maple Peppers

Vermont Maple Peppers

Maple Pepper - The age-old flavor of sweet maple sugar is combined with the zest of black pepper to create an exciting new taste for many of your favorite foods. You can season meat, poultry and fish dishes with Maple Pepper before and after cooking.  Complement your stews and soups with a hearty shake.

Maple Pepper with Garlic - For the garlic lover in all of us, try the Maple Pepper with Garlic.  The garlic’s delicious flavor compliments any variety of foods.  Sprinkle on your grilled salmon and garden fresh vegetables.   Add it to your corn on the cob or potato dishes and they will be seasoned to perfection. Add Maple Pepper with Garlic to the list of ingredients in your favorite marinade and salad dressing recipes as well.

Maple Pepper with Habanero - Also known as “Fire on the Mountains” Maple Pepper with Habanero is for those who relish in the heat of the moment. One of the hottest chilies around, habanero ignites foods with a spark of sensational flavor. It adds spice to any barbecue sauce, salsa dish, pizzas, pastas and can also add a hot kick to baby back ribs.

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